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Sunday, November 11, 2007

It Starts......Pics now!

Los Angeles at night.

My driver, Caesar. He was SO wonderful!
I arrived at the Hilton Saturday night at 9pm, checked into my small but comfortable room, and prepared for my evening. I'm not going to say what that lamp base reminds me of. Because I'm a lady.

Was shocked to learn Internet had a fee so I pissed and moaned about that for a bit then searched the mini bar. Didn't drink anything but had a good look at the awesome selection!
I had a PIO and a Delestrogen to inject Saturday night...... and this fancy schmancy hotel doesn't have a microwave in the room. But they did conveniently have some Gel Douche, should I need it. Which I didn't, thank goodness.

The Microwave, however, I had counted on to warm up my heat pad sufficiently to make me willing to poke holes in my bum with a syringe.

Scene: Me, 9:30pm Saturday night, dangling my ample ass over the bath tub edge and under the running HOT water in order to cook my jiggily-glute meat enough to make injections doable.

Scene: Me, 9:38pm Saturday night wiggling my toes and hissing a bit as the lovely and anticipated PIO shot makes it known that rump roast is not properly cooked and PIO is not happy with this.

Scene: Me at 4:30am Sunday morning waking up to shower and primp myself up enough to impress the little blastocyst into sticking around and almost falling on my face as my right badonkadonk contributor flat refuses to perform due to the HORRIFYING stresses forced upon it the evening prior.

Scene: Me about ten minutes ago noticing the lovely purple bruise forming on said roundness. Have developed pygoscopophobia over my pygalgia.

But other then that thing are great! The lovely Lynlee, a friend and fellow surrogate who joined my on my trip has all but hog-tied me to the bed to keep me still and is a wonderful companion through the quietness. Some of the travel arrangements like, oh, I don't know, transportation, etc. weren't ever made but all that means is I don't get to buy the icky junk food I would have purchased with those funds and I DO get to call my agency tomorrow and ask what the patootie happened and who dropped the ball on this issue. Which I will do from a comfy, relaxed state of repose here on my squishy bed. No twitchiness.

If it would fit in my suitcase, I'd steal these pillows.

Sunday morning I boosted my chances of success by wearing the lucky transfer colors, green and yellow. We called a cab at 5:45 and headed off to the RE's office, ready as I'll ever be for transfer!

Finally Sunday morning at 6:45am P-Daddies baby was introduced to the happy wonderland that is my uterus, hopefully to find the place comfortable and snuggle in for a wee little bit...like 38 weeks or so. Here's the only "action" photo you're going to get. That's Dr.Sahakien, the most awesome and hilarious RE that is taking care of me and this surrogacy pregnancy. This is minutes before transfer while I'm looking at the beautiful little brain-like ball that is P-Daddies wee one. I won't say what Sahakien is looking at. Post transfer. I'm on an incline table ( you can't really tell) and I had to lay like that with my head slightly down and hips slightly up for an hour. When I sat up and all the blood rushed elsewhere.... whoosh! That was unexpected. But the room was dark and quiet, it was actually quite relaxing!

Now... sticky thoughts. Very,very sticky thoughts. This wee little one really should hang around for a while!

** HA HA HA HA HA!! Just got a call from the front desk.. a letter was just dropped off for me and guess, just guess what was inside??? The travel arrangements that I needed at 5:45 this morning. Where, oh where do they keep their time machine? I so want to go back and get that cab money so I can buy a $12 bag of Peanut Butter M&M's!


Ever wonder what a $30 salad looks like?

The lovely Lynlee and I

The only really BAD food we ordered the whole time... just LOOK at that cheesecake!

Outside the Hilton.

See, P-Daddy? Orchids MUST mean good luck, right? They were everywhere!

The stretch limo that took us back to the airport. Sheesh, last minute arrangments landed us quite the upgrade! I've never been in a limo so it was quite the treat!


Life Is Good said...

It's so cool..you sharing your experience with us!

Here's to a happy healthy pregnancy!

Kate said...

Oooh, sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts!!

Franay said...

I drool over that mini bar.

Just so you know.

Stick, baby, stick!!!