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Friday, November 9, 2007

Ready Or Not....

Tomorrow afternoon I fly out to LA and check into the Beverly Hilton for my "baby making" vacation. Transfer is set for Sunday at 7am. and I fly home Monday night.

When the hell did we go from "wow, things are slow and this is taking soooo long." to "TOMORROW I fly out to make a baby."???

Apparently time was indeed passing by as I moaned and complained about...um... time not passing by. Which is so me, so I forgive myself.

Self, you are forgiven.

In the mean time, updatish...:

PIO is a PITA.

My first PIO left a hot lump that has since blossomed into a bruised golf ball of fun on my ample right arse cheek. Numbers 2 and 3 have been pieces of cake. (Ooh! cheesecake! Please, can it be a piece of cheesecake??) The trick? Cook the arse meat BEFORE injection, not as much after. Subsequent injection sites just feel bruised.. imagine having a three year old with pointy shoes kick you in the bum-booty. That's what it feels like; a deep meat bruise. The upside to these new daily shots is I've had to get used to doing them myself.. even the left cheek which had remained unblemished and undisturbed thus far.

Oh hey, can you tell there have been some more just oh so wonderful side effects? On last Saturday I wore my favorite pair of GAP size 6 jeans. I love these pants because they are the perfect fit.. not too tight but not so loose that they fall off of my rear. Yesterday I pulled this trusty trouser out of the closet and cried a bit on the inside when I saw the muffin-top they created. MUFFIN TOP, PEOPLE. It says right there on the packaging "possible side effects, water retention, the growth of 2 or 3 three additional chins, and muffin top" but who would have thought I'd be lucky enough to get all three??! Awesome.

SO. Next update will be from a state of repose in my squishy comfy bed at the Hilton as I recline and mentally encourage P-Daddies wee little trooper of a baby to snuggle in and make himself (herself? Hmm...)at home OH. For those not in the know; We will be transferring just one super duper happy 5 day embryo ( a blastocyst) on Sunday so our risk of multiples is incredibly low.. but that also means we're only putting only one egg in the basket and hoping it eventually makes a chicken. Which it will, I have no doubt.

See you from the Maternity Ward!


Lynlee said...

Aww!!! Don't call the baby a chicken! S/He won't like you!

Eskimo said...

i totally got sidetracked by reading the hilton menu.. haha.

can't believe you're flying out TOMORROW!! remember to take tons of pictures!

Eskimo said...
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