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Friday, November 16, 2007

Peeing on Things At Random

Negative. All tests negative so far.

We still have a few days left before we need to worry, but I'm still pretty glum about the results so far. And I've just learned that only one little embryo made it to be frozen. One. Out of all those eggs, one. The pressure is definately on, but I'm doing my best not to go into complete freak out mode till we go to Beta on Wednesday. But I've got to say, if I'm still pissing negatives on Wednesday, the beta results won't really matter, now will they.

::insert totally sad and incredibly nervous face here::

I had a 56% chance of conceiving for this transfer. Good odds!
I had a 69% chance of seeing a positive on a urine test this early. Which means that I clearly fall in the 31% who will need a bit more time for that good quantity of HCG to show up.
More pee tomorrow.

Fingers crossed, prayers said ( if you swing that way) & positive thoughts.. PLEASE.


Eskimo said...

.....breathe in....... breathe out......
(yeah, that came from the right person....;)


Bump Fairy said...


The two of us are headed toward nervous breakdown, it seems! Whose turn is it to freak out today??

Eskimo said...

well i am staying clear as for today at least... actually i just had a huuuge chocolate pudding covered in vanilla sauce just to celebrate tomorrow (or sundays) faaaint positive!! ;-)

Bump Fairy said...

Yes. I'd do the same but my pant buttons are already mad at me. Soon. We'll see something soon. I feel too odd for there to be no + at some point. Feeling odd is a good thing. So, soon.

Dang, I'm bad at this patience stuff!

Kate said...

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts. All the way from New Zealand!