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Thursday, October 4, 2007


We have official travel date and time! Whoop!

A week from today, next Thursday the 11th, Matt and I will fly out (once again in the wee hours of the morning) to LA where we will meet up with our Norwegian friend.
The One. The Only.

A day of silliness will follow with a trip to Knotts for some screaming madness and quality get-to-know-you time. Nothing says "I Like You" like a shirt covered with your friends vomit.
It'll be awesome.

In other news... I've received the first draft of our contract! Another Whoop, please! I've only got a few minor changes to make and then we're OFF! Not sure where we're off to as we're scheduled for a December transfer, but at least the contracts will be behind us! YAY! I've got a meeting with the attorney next Tuesday to go over it, but if ( when) it all checks out all I've got to do is sign on the line! Then health/life insurance policies to write, hormones to inject, bitchiness to be had....

WOO HOO! for another step taken and behind us!


Kate said...

Oooh yay, I am so looking forward to following this pregnancy with you. What a lucky guy.. he's going to have a baby!

Lynlee said...

How freaking exciting!!

Aim for mid-December!! I wanna come play!

Life Is Good said...

How exciting! Glad that things are finally moving along!