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Tuesday, September 25, 2007



We've finally, after a million-ba-jillion years forever, had our "official" match meeting. Over the phone.

Yes ladies and....uh.... ladies. The match was via the ole' yammer-box. You may now groan in dismay.

Bite me.

I happily agreed to and in fact encouraged a phone match for several reasons. One, I know this guy. I know the important stuff. I know how I feel about the match. And I know it's right. Two, matching via phone means we can get started on CONTRACTS.. which, really, are the highlight of my day, I gotta say. They suck up time like you wouldn't believe and I'm eager to get that part behind me.

Second week in October we fly down to LA to have the official handshake followed by silly shenanigans that may or may not involve a trip to a salon and/or perhaps maybe a jaunt to Disney.. if I can talk all parties involved into such mischief. Actually, don't think we'll have enough time for that.... I digress!! OOH!! I know! I wanna get my tongue pierced again!! We could find a good parlor there and do that!! Because that must absolutely happen before any kind of baby making can occur ( tongue rings tend to throw off the ol' cooter wand or something.. that might be a myth, but who knows). Wait. Will have to check with my surrogacy contract, that might be a no-go as well. Dang it!

Anyway. That's the update, scattered though it may be.



Update! Shenanigans have been agreed upon! Yipee!!!!


Lynlee said...

No piercing. You'll have to wait 6 months and re-do your medical screening.

What's the shenanigans?

Franay said...

Um, did you just say cooter wand?



Life Is Good said...

Cooter wand? And you are sending me to hell over the whole beaver spreader thing?

And..how is this whole thing going? When do you leave? What's the haps...