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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Good Lawd.
So paperwork can take forever, apparently. Like an entire lifetime, I guess. Then again, there IS a lot to coordinate.. many i's to be dotted, many t's crossed. Blah blah blah.. yes. I get it.
I'm just so BORED, is all.
One of my buddies asked me if I would still have worked with P-Daddy if I'd known how time consuming this first part was going to be. I sat stunned for a full minute, I think, before answering. It was just so obvious to me. And her views of this surrogacy became obvious, too.

I wanted to work with P-Daddy because he'll be a great dad. I think he has a lot to offer a child. I also think we'll have a really special long-term relationship. Maybe not a "Oh my gawd, like, so awesome! BFF's" kind of friendship, but a really comfortable knowledge that we are both in this for the same reason... to give a child an awesome home.

Hell yes, I would still have signed up to work with P-Daddy. I'm not doing this to make a "quick family". I'm doing it to make the RIGHT family.


You take your time, P-Daddy. Dot those i's. Cross those t's.

You make your "nest" as ready as it needs to be.
I'm not going anywhere. Even if I am bored. ;-)
*hoping for a call early next week with a date for the "official" match meeting, but hell, you never know. Could be the week after. Here's my luck: we'll transfer first week in December. Wouldn't that be ironic? BUT. That's ok. Wee one will be worth it.


Life Is Good said...

Bummer that it is taking so long but something as precious as a baby is not something to rush.
It would be better for it to take a little longer than for things not to be great.
It will work out in good time if it is supposed to!

Franay said...

Bored? Aren't you supposed to be scrapbooking?

Amber said...

Waiting is tough! Sounds like you have made a great match so far though!

Life Is Good said...


Lynlee said...

Wait until the 3rd week of Dec (what is wrong with the first week anyway?). I'll be in LA visiting my guys. Then, we can all 5 cuddle. Tell P-Daddy (I LOVE IT) to book the California King!