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Friday, August 31, 2007

Over-Thinking for Fun and Entertainment!

Things kind of bla-bla-bla around here. Paperwork mounds to deal with, contracts to be filed, lawyers to be retained.... This is the most boring wait imaginable.
But soon! soon we will have the official match meeting date set! Then! things move forward! While I have HATE the wait.. I mean seriously, hate the wait. It has been a good thing, I think. Knowing P-Daddy ( yes, that's what I'm calling him here. why? because i think it's funny. Plus, no permission to use his name and all that. Hey P... if you've got a better acronym let me know, OK? ) before our actual match has been a blessing in disguise. We....match. I, of course, am the twitchy, bouncy, super excited one. He is the calm, thoughtful, also super excited one. We have the same ideas about our relationship, about what we want to mean to each other and his child in years to come, about what's really important in life....

Plus, and lets be honest here, he is a wee bit yummy on the eyes. That never hurts. Lucky for everyone he's gay or M would have to play the jealous husband. As it is I get to safely enjoy my eye candy without offending anyone. Woo Hoo!

I'm really looking forward to the Match Meeting in LA. Not nervous at all because while it is the first time we'll see each other, we've already met. It's not a first date, it's not an interview. It's finally setting eyes on a new friend with no pressure involved to impress, etc. He already KNOWS I'm twitchy and high-strung. I don't have to worry about that. He already KNOWS what I look like, what I sound like, and what I "think" like. And while that might scare the b'jesus out of some, he's apparently decided to stick it out with me! So big WHOOP WHOOP to me!

I'm trying to think up some fun/easy activity the 3 of us can do to pass the time while there. We once again will be flying in early in the morning and flying out late that night so won't have the comfort of a hotel to go flop in to relax after the official meeting. Wait... Hey P! YOU will have a hotel! We should go to the Salon ( I don't know... you could say you want a scalp massage?? I'd say get a trim but somehow I don't think they'll buy into that....) then head back to the hotel for disgusting amounts of room service and pay-per-view!! Food is always a good pass time.

Hmmm, wait. .... Now we all know why I stay a wee bit on the fluffy side.

So anyway.... no real update right now. No big changes. But soon! Soon there will be changes! Things to write about! Early mornings, then daily injections, then more flights, then MORNING SICKNESS!!

It'll be great. I swear.


No sooner had I hit publish, when into my e-mail account popped a NEW message from my Case Coordinator with the official profile and information to approve! Yipee!!! So of course, with the lightning speed of my kind I replied with a "YES YES ABSO-freakin'-LUTELY YES!!".

Monday. Monday I should have a meeting date.

Can I get a WOO to the HOO??!!


Kate said...

Woohoo! Exciting stuff :-)

Franay said...

Right on girl!! I can't wait for you to get started on this!

Life Is Good said...

It's always a good thing to bring more Norwegians into the world!

Life Is Good said...


It has been forever since this post...where is the new info?

Life Is Good said...


Lynlee said...

"We should go to the Salon"

Just don't forget who you're getting pregnant by, lady! That one is mine!