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Friday, October 12, 2007

Like Sands Through The Hourglass..*UPDATED*

As many of you have noticed, Thursday has indeed come and gone. Things? They are awesome.

We dropped the children off at brother-in-laws house Wednesday night.. There was minimal crying and carrying on. Apparently R did wake up in the wee hours of the morning and freaked the 'ef out because she couldn't figure out where she was, who these people were, etc. And joy of joys.. she woke the 8 other children occupying the house at that time as well ( family visits, etc. all at the same time) so HUGE thanks go out to BIL and SIL for just being plain awesome. The children were happy and healthy when we picked them up Thursday night and our "abandonment" has had no ill effects thus far. So whoot for that.

We woke at the ridiculous hour of 3 to prepare for our trip out.
With the flight leaving at 6 and the airport requiring us to be there at least 1.5 hours in advance, we were pooped, to say the least. Chipper, but pooped. It was an easy, slept through flight ( a first for us) and we were pretty excited when we landed. After a quick bite for breakfast we headed over to the office a bit early where we were informed that P-Daddy was already there! and waiting on us!

P-Daddy. You are exactly as I pictured you. Mannerisms and everything. Awesome.

We headed right off for Knotts Berry Farm ( a 45 minute cab ride away) and chatted up a storm the whole time. Once there.. RIDES, baby!

We started off easy with the log ride. Which was sad. And explained the bored faces of the 4 year olds getting off in front of us. Then moved up the next step to the Montezumas Revenge. Which was awesome. Things only got more ridiculous from there. There were NO lines on any of the rides which means we could just stay on and ride again if we wanted to, which we did.

P-Daddy and I have similar ride tolerance... It was that "repeat" of the suspended twisty-turny roller coaster that did M in.... He was off to the cans outside the gate, heaving away. I giggled, but it was only because I was THRILLED it wasn't me... I came close! That was the end of the rides for M, but it didn't stop P-Daddy and I!! We rode the XCELERATOR again 3 ( or was it 4?) more times... that has GOT to be the coolest ride EVER. At one point I'm ashamed to say my dirty sailors mouth got the better of me as I cussed away my glee with a screamed " Oh My F**kin GOD!!" right directly into the delicate ears of the school children watching the fun. My shame; it was profound.

I have no idea what my breasts are doing. This ride seems to smoosh them in the oddest way. I swear, they don't look like that in real life! BUT, note to self: buy more supportive bra! Because this one? Isn't cutting it!

That rollercoaster behind us is the Xcelerator, the one in all the pics and the video.

That's P-Daddy and I in the very front.. every now and then you get a glimpse of us. That particular roller coaster goes from 0-85 in like 2 seconds. The pictures are taken like half a second after it begins just as it starts to reach peak speed.

Bottom line.. we had fun. And we really got to know each other as well.

P-Daddy is just exactly who I would have picked to make a family for, so I was SUPER excited to get a call from the clinic clearing me for meds NEXT WEEK! We're hoping for an early November transfer(!!!!) That is a full MONTH+ earlier then we thought things would be happening. I am SO thrilled to be moving forward at such a pace! This visit really solidified what I had suspected all along; P-Daddy just might be as twitchy as I myself am at times!

This match: it is good.


Kate said...

This is so exciting!!

Lynlee said...


*I* still want you to transfer in

I know... I'm so selfish.

Franay said...

Hey!! That's my shirt!! I recognize my shirt on that crazy ride that I've never been on!! Wow!! My wardrobe is almost better traveled than I am!!

Oh, and cool to all the good surrogacy stuff and all.

*Giggle!* ;-D

Life Is Good said...

Congrats on how well everything is going...congrats on what sounds like an awesome match and especially congrats on the gravity defying breasts!