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Friday, July 20, 2007

We're Baaaack!

Another LONG day, over and done with. Once again we flew out at 6am, this time leaving the kids with my sister. I didn't get to sleep till after midnight that night, and had to get up at 3 to get everyone ready to leave the house at 4... So I was tired. But so pumped up with adrenaline that I didn't notice!

When we arrived in LA we once again had a driver waiting for us. This time, instead of a town car we were picked up in a Cadillac SUV....super fancy! Alas, no breath mints though.
We arrived at the agency early for our meeting. We were given leave to go find some brunch to kill time and walking directions to the IHOP down the street. I was JUST tucking into my Chicken Caesar Salad when... through the door, followed by 3 women and a HUGE bodyguard of some sort.......

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... that there is RON JEREMY! Of ALL the people to have my first "celeb siting" with..... Porn legend Ron Jeremy was the one. He was actually very nice, gladly posing for a picture with me when I rudely interrupted his oatmeal. ( Yes, I did wash up just nanoseconds afterwards). Needless to say, I was on a giggling-high for the next several hours. Called everyone I could think of because that is just FUNNY! and I had to share. Good lord.... Ron Jeremy....... Sheesh.

Still laughing and texting with friends, we walked back to the agency and settled down on their super comfy sofas in a "matching" room to wait for the potential Daddy to arrive. All too soon, the wait was over. My coordinator came in, said he's here, are you ready? and just moments later, in he came.

**edited to respect former IF's privacy**

After we parted, husband and I decided to just explore the area. We ended up at the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits, one of the world's most famous fossil localities. It was fun, interesting, and worthwhile... even if it was a wee bit stinky with the stench of asphalt drifting everywhere.

He is such a goober, gawd love em' .One of the hundreds of calls I received that day.

Shortly later I was contacted by the wonderful "L", my friend and mentor from the surrogacy support forum. She was in town, hanging out with "her" guys, getting ready for her transfer today! ( good luck! sticky SINGLE wishes for you!!)She had some time to spare, so borrowed her guys' BMW and came to pick us up. I got to hang out at the fancy salon they own for a wee bit, and actually got to take a drive to Jack Nicholson's home in Beverly Hills so that he could get a trim!!! Now of course we had to stay in the car while "her" guy ran in to cut, and I only caught a glimpse of him as we left... but GOODNESS!! Celebs seen in one day.. TWO. Odds of that happening... SLIM. Cases of severe car-sickness because of the...special... way LA natives tend to drive.... ONE. But I didn't actually throw up, so that's good.

The day was over far too quickly and we soon found ourselves on a wee little airplane flying back. I was exhausted, the kids were missing us, and it was time to go home.

And home, I am.

Next step? The *FUN*FANCY* introduction to injectible drugs. Cycle time, Here I Come! I'm a busy busy lady, I've got a whole FAMILY to make!


Bump Fairy said...


Where are my eyebrows??

Kate said...

Firstly.. I love the bump fairy picture.. so so cute!

Secondly.. wow, this is SO exciting! I got all teary reading this. So incredible!

Lmao @ meeting Ron Jeremy! (Yep, even in NZ we know who he is).

Bump Fairy said...

Thanks Kate! My sister is an awesome photographer!

BD said...

This is BD with chubby cheeks saying Hi!

Sabrina and Matt are awesome! Enough said. I love how you (Sabrina) made and shared with me this photo album detailing your progress as a mother. It really touched my heart. I felt so honored. Did I say Sabrina and Matt are awesome!?

I sure did send BD2 to the dog house again last night on the phone for his absence!

BD said...

Yes, the picture is awesome! Demi Moore who? Check out Sabrina!

Bump Fairy said...

Awww... BD....*blush*

But really. Photoshop is my friend.

Lynlee said...

A whole family, indeed. One to which, it seems from the above comments, you already have a very special place.

I cannot wait to watch this journey you are taking unfold! I am so excited for you.

BD- You're a lucky guy! Congrats on the match and best of luck to all of you!

Bump Fairy said...
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Davinie said...
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