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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Move Along

My goodness, I have a potty mouth lately, don't I?!
Things have progressed here at a right whirlwind pace. Thursday, as in tomorrow, we will be once again flying out to L.A..
And this is the BIG ONE.
This is the flight that ends with me meeting the IP's.
I could not. be. more. nervous.

Y'all, I haven't been on a first date since I was 16 YEARS OLD! And this is very much like a first date... except instead of boy hoping to make it to 2nd base at the end of the evening, this boy is hoping to, you know, get me pregnant. Eventually. Whoa.
I am torn between total self conscience worry ( "Will he like me? Will he notice my lack of a pedicure? Should I bring a mini-mouthwash with me?? IS THAT A PIMPLE??!) and a true me punk-like attitude of "Will I like HIM? Will he make ME comfortable??"

Either way, I'm off to raid a friends closet this afternoon. To get the "right" outfit. To wear a wee bit of confidence.

Wish me luck!


M3 said...

Good luck!!!

Lynlee said...

They will LOVE you. See you tomorrow!

Amber said...

Good luck!!