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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am such a sucker. I found a site where I can design things and sell them in my own online "store". Check out what I've got so far at the link to the left! I am hoping to add some awareness and maybe educate a little... Surrogacy is a new concept and many people really don't know much about it. I am looking forward to the opportunity to open up discussion! I really strongly believe that there is more then one way to make a family..... traditionally with a mama and a daddy getting pregnant because they looked at each other sideways..... with medical aid, adoption, surrogacy, single, gay, lesbian......... beautiful and happy families come in all shapes and sizes. A good friend and I were talking and she made what I feel is a profound statement.

"We don't need to teach our children tolerance..... we need to teach them diversity."

What a concept. Think about it... do I merely want my children to tolerate differences? Or do I want them to embrace those differences and accept that people are diverse. My favorite shirt in the store says "There's More Then One Way to Make a Family". And that is what I will teach my children.

But here's the first shirt I'll be buying when the time comes!

Front of shirt

Back of shirt


And I am LOVING this one!


Life Is Good said...

WAY COOL! Those shirts are great! Don't forget to design a coffee mug or a bag!

You're heart is in the right place and so is your head so don't worry about anyone else!

Bump Fairy said...

I put up a quick bag, what a great idea! I've been messing with Photoshop all day and hope to soon have a handfull of other designs to add to the mix! Still looking for the perfect witty/funny/sarcastic thing for a dad's shirt....

Petter said...

SO well said!!!