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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


They are a tricky thing.

I am no longer working with my previously-raved about agency. We have a big difference of opinion. Big enough that we maybe aren't the best match for each other.

In a sense I am relieved.. I want to work with only like-minded people. I have been "recruited" by several other agencies since announcing my availability... I will be spending the next few weeks researching them and finding the perfect match for me. But AAAHHH at having to start all over again from square one! Plus I really LIKED my agency!!! I am considering putting it off till next year.. the holiday season is coming up, I am excited about a new business venture, we're moving soon..... We'll see. One agency I am considering actually has a branch office locally, which would be awesome. Yah.. we'll see.


Franay said...

Well, I'm bummed this place didn't work out but considering your reasons, I'm glad you chose not to go with them. I think you'll find a better fit and one closer to home would be so much more convenient. Don't give up girl, this is one of your dreams and there is no reason for you to let it go!

Amber said...

That's too bad that it didn't work out at this agency for you but I totally understand where you are coming from in your decisions!

Life Is Good said...

Yah know what...I am proud of you for standing up for something you believe in. There is an old saying that says "if you don't stand for something you will fall for everything" and I think that what you want to do is a "big enough deal" that you should do it for someone who wants a child for reasons other than what you were finding. Stand your ground! Having ethics and morals is not commonplace anymore and I respect you for it!

Lynlee said...

Hey, hon!

I hope you're well! I wanted to call you today to check on you but my phone broke and I had your # saved to my phone (not my SIM card). Can you send it to me?

Talk soon!