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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shocked and Amazed.

I was blessed today when a lovely lady knocked on my door and handed me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. The vibrant colors, the cheerful mood they inspire. P-Daddy, you're too much.

You really are too much; These beautiful and amateur photos were taken with the new Cannon Digital Rebel that arrived on my doorstep last night. Words can not express. This camera is my dream camera. It is that one item that ends up on the "some day, one of these days" list that we all have and remains there forever. I never would have been able to justify that kind of expense on myself. You have truly touched me with your thoughtfulness.

I swear, I'll make it up to you. Belly photos galore! Stretch marks and all! Weekly updates! Photos of... the OB's office? I'll think of something. Point is, I'll use it. I'll love it ( I already do!) and I'll be thinking of you each time I do.

Thank you, P-Daddy. There are no words.

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Kate said...

Wow!! What a lovely surprise! You deserve it though!

Life Is Good said...

The flowers and beautiful and the gift..wow...that is wonderful!

What wonderful things to have done for you...

And your gift..carrying his child...that too...wonderful!

What a blessing you are to each other!

Sam said...

Beautiful flowers and congrats on the lovely camera as well. I look forward to many "bump" pictures!

Lynlee said...

He is so sweet he almost makes one want to vomit.