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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well... Happy-Crap? Crappy-Yay?

Our lovely egg donor went in for a check and came back with 22 happily developing follicles!! Woo hoo! The more targets the better, we want a good outcome! The down side... this pushes our retrieval date and therfore the transfer date back several days. While I actually don't have a problem with the added wait, it means M is going to have to do some quick talking at work to see if the days off he requested and was granted can be given back to him, as well as checking on getting entirely different days off.. it means the childcare we had lined up will have to be cancelled and new childcare arranged for.. it means a larger pain in my ass then previously discussed. Unless!! If we do transfer on the 12th, and I can fly down there in the wee morning of the 12th, M will only need one day off and we won't need ANY childcare as I should be back by Friday morning... so fingers crossed for that, if you please!

Today, lining check and blood work. Perhaps, maybe PIO shots ( but maybe not.. those might also be pushed back a few days..)

Update: Definately no PIO tonight... They will call ( suuuure) on Sunday with the donor update and further instructions. Contiune E2V as usual.

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Franay said...

Damn the screwed up timetables!!

Damn them!