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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

30 Times 8 Equals....

Pregnant. Not just a little pregnant, but a lot pregnant.

10dp5dt.. Ten days past a 5 day transfer. The BETA goal for today's test was 100. Under 100, I test again in 2 days to see if my number doubles. Over 100, we assume all is going well as we have a nice healthy number, indicating a nice healthy pregnancy.

I went in for my blood work at 10am this morning. I requested a rush on the results as I knew P-Daddy was dying a slow and painful death not knowing. Around one I got the call.


two hundred thirty nine point nine.

I'd say that was well above a hundred, wouldn't you?

6 week ultrasound delayed because of vacation, scheduled for December 10th.

So. Pregnant lady here!

I would like a woo hoo, please.

Thank you.


Franay said...

Here's your whoop-whoop!! Your girly bits are all that is enviable! Your uterus is so hospitable it probably serves crumpets (what the hell are crumpets??) and tea!!

God job you crazy, fancy-ass baby hotel you!

Lynlee said...


Amber said...


Sam said...

Woo Hoo! I found you last night through the Stirrup Queen's list and read from start to current day. Congrats! and WOO HOO!! I will return when I don't have a damned paper to write.

Kate said...

Crumpets! Don't you have them there?? They are YUM!! (I can't really explain them tho).

WOOHOOO! Go you pregnant lady!

Life Is Good said...

So does this mean you are pregnant?

Nah...just kidding!
Congrats! You over-achiever!

Rachael said...

Oh that is wonderful!!!! I am so very happy for all involved ! : )I bet everyone cannot wait for the ultrasound