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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Phase One: Arse Prep

The meds; they have arrived. I lucked out and got an easy estrogen protocol for this first part. But the NEEDLE?? That goes in my BUTT?? Is like 2 INCHES long!! And it has to go ALL THE WAY in!! Someone snitched and told them I had a lot of "padding" on top of my muscle, apparently.
Saturday is the day. Countdown to arse jabs: T Minus 3 days!
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Lynlee said...


Yes, all the way in. Intra-muscular injections.

Relax as much as possible and rub it lots after.

You'll be fine. It's totally worth it, I promise.

Eskimo said...

hooray, again!! go needles, go needles!
i'll be doing some virtual sympathy buttrubbin, if its any comfort :-)

Bump Fairy said...

Eskimo... do I imagine you rubbing MY butt? Or yours?

Actually... thought about it: doesn't matter. Outcome the same!


Eskimo said...

whatever gets your groove on!

Life Is Good said...

You are much kinkier than I thought!