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Friday, June 15, 2007

To Support or Not Support, That is the Question

Not a hurdle but definitely a mud puddle I didn't really expect to land in. No response from most of my loved ones. They know, but........ nothing. It doesn't change anything, but it does make me a bit sad inside. I guess......... I thought they'd at least acknowledge? The few stiff conversations I've had about it have been disappointing. I feel....... judgment in their words. Disappointment? I wish they'd just come out and say what they're thinking! My online friends and a few others in real life have been awesome and I am comforted knowing that I do have a few rocks of support to lean on. Confused right now. Unsure. Not about the Surrogacy, but about how I feel about my family. The sad things, I know my in-laws will be totally supportive. That whole side of the family will be there for me. But not my own.


Ahhh... I knew they would come around! YAY for having some family firmly in my corner! And it is refreshing to know about the members who are hesitant.. good to know where I stand.

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